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Goleta 60000 Service

Once you hit 60k miles on your vehicle, your vehicle has probably already started to show some wear and tear. We can provide this service to you on your visit with us by your side and make sure that there aren't any major issues with your vehicle in the near future. It's always a good idea to bring in your vehicle after 60k miles to at least ensure that everything is in working order, even if you don't think anything is wrong with it. We will check that all of your vehicles vital fluids and filters are in top shape.

Eric Krebs Automotive is the most trusted shop for your Goleta 60000 service visit. Our team of seasoned technicians will take the best care of your vehicle and keep you updated with any issues or recommended services we see along the way during your visit.

At Eric Krebs Automotive, we have experience on types of makes and models. You name it, we do it. No matter what issues may lie underneath the hood of your vehicle, our staff has seen it before. We take the pain out of the process of your service visit. Give Eric Krebs Automotive in Goleta a call today and schedule your 60k mile service visit.